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We Speak Google's Language...

On Page

We make your website fast & optimized for Google.

Off Page

We get you backlinks that actually matter to Google.


We get you to show up in local map results on Google.


Guaranteed Rankings

We offer guaranteed SEO rankings with an unmatched 100% money-back guarantee. If we don’t rank our agreed-upon keywords then we don’t get paid and you get to keep any improvements completely complimentary. Since there's no risk then, what's holding you back from hiring Red Rhino today?
Guaranteed Rankings
Rank in 90 Days or Less

Rank In 90 Days Or Less

Speed up your business growth by supercharging your SEO today. No more slow-poke rankings that may or may not happen in an undisclosed amount of time. We rank you for our agreed-upon keywords in 90 days or less or we don't get paid and you get to keep any improvements completely complimentary. Red Rhino uses scientific, data-validated processes that allow us to make these outlandish claims while also being able to back them up.

100% Safe For Business

Other agencies use unsafe "blackhat" techniques which are really just temporary hacks and tricks that are soon foiled once Google's algorithm catches them. This leaves you often worse off than when you started and that is why Red Rhino utilizes only 100% Google algorithm-safe tactics & techniques, giving peace of mind during the next algorithm update while enjoying the benefits long-term.
Safe SEO
Local SEO

Local SEO Optimization

Are you tired of losing customers to your competition in both search and maps every single day? For many local businesses in Longmont, this is their sad reality, but it doesn't have to be. All SEO agencies are not created equally and that is why Red Rhino has been nationally recognized as the authority on local SEO which means not just search or maps but both all while providing unrivaled results to our clients. 
90 day guarantee
That's right, we are accepting new clients with this crazy offer….

And (if you are reading this) that means we have a few spots left.

BUT... We aren't accepting just anyone with a business as a client.

That's why we’re offering local Longmont-based businesses a 100% FREE complimentary 30-minute SEO strategy session.

On this short call, we’ll show you in detail what it will actually take to rank at the top of Google for your most valuable keywords and REALLY explode your business growth.

We believe strongly in helping our fellow local businesses experience growth which selfishly directly impacts the local economy and all of us that call Longmont, Colorado home.

Now, before you think that this is just a sales pitch disguised as a strategy session you need to know that you will be 1-on-1 with our Optimization Pro, not some high-pressure salesperson.

We also know that a very small percentage will actually take action on what we will be sharing on this call, so we aren't worried about giving away our best-kept secrets and proven strategies.

Anyways, we can't have our Optimization Pro on calls all day, and not working for our clients so spots are extremely limited.

What are you waiting for? Grab your spot now, before it's gone!

Our Google Traffic Process


We perform deep data analysis so far beyond what any other agencies can. 
SEO Research
On Page SEO


We optimize on-page down to an unmatched & deeply technical level. 


We turn Google Business Profile
into a traffic-generating rocket ship. 
GBP Maps Local SEO
Off-Page SEO Backlinks


We acquire links from sites that other agencies only dream of getting.


We have industry-leading monitoring meaning we are always a step ahead.
SEO Monitoring & Reporting


Complete SEO Local Guide eBook
This FREE Guide exposes the most powerful SEO tactics for exploding your organic rankings and skyrocketing your organic traffic.

Here is just a fraction of what you’ll discover:

3 pitfalls they'll NEVER tell you.

(these little-known things are like announcing the aborting of blastoff to your business's future, and you don't even know it.)

Get MAXIMUM free Google traffic.

to get your website sucking in leads and sales like crazy … and… get it WITHOUT doing anything shady!

Trade Secrets they keep from you.

(exposing PBNs, cloaking, and spilling the beans on EVERYTHING this industry has been hiding from you.)

Increase conversion rate by 500%

all without spending one more red cent on traffic! (Prepare to be in shock and awe at how dead simple, yet effective it is!)

How your SEO agency is lying

catch them red-handed as we show you how to secretly audit their work and gather rock-solid evidence against them.

The #1 thing to do to your website

this will outrank even the most established competitors on Google and less than 1% of agencies even have a clue it exists!

What you MUST do immediately.

Before hiring an SEO agency, you must do this in order to stop them from literally flushing your money down the toilet!
And much, much more!

Anyways, this guide is all yours for absolutely free, simply just enter your details in the box that will pop up after you and hit the “send me my guide” button, and these sales-rocketing tips will be sent right over to your inbox as a shiny PDF guide.
SEO Guide


What is an SEO Agency and why do I need one?
Finding a reliable SEO marketing agency can be tricky and for good reason.
SEO is an ever-evolving delicate process that can either make or break your business. When done with the right practices, SEO can drive waves of traffic to your business and help you convert browsing consumers into long-life customers.

When done the wrong way, however, your brand risks losing everything, and may even be blacklisted by sites like Google.

If you are looking for a reliable SEO firm, you have to do your research and pick a firm that has shown consistent results and proven practices.

Here at Red Rhino, we have earned the reputation of being one of the best SEO companies in Longmont and have a proven track record. We also use trusted and safe techniques that promise to deliver amazing results guaranteed.

Other SEO optimization companies may be up to date with the latest trends, but what sets us apart is that we are always thinking forward toward the future and how we can keep ahead of the ever-changing world of SEO marketing.

Our proprietary practices are unlike anything you have seen before and we know exactly what it takes to get your business ranking well on the top search engines, whether your brand is big or small.

This has earned us the reputation of being a premier search engine optimization company, but don’t just take our word for it, schedule a free consult today to see what we can do for you.
How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO can vary depending on a multitude of factors, including:

  • The current authority/power of the domain that is being worked on
  • The competitiveness of the niche it is in
  • The difficulty of the particular keywords that are being targeted
  • The rate at which the domain wishes to grow

Be wary of SEO agencies that advertise set price lists.

It is a huge red flag that they are pushing your business, your livelihood, into a one-size fits all box.

We don’t treat any business with a one-size fits all strategy. Rather, we custom curate a strategy for every business that we work with. The price we quote you will depend on the nuances and requirements of your business and niche.

What kind of SEO guarantees do you offer?
At Red Rhino, we put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee page one Google rankings in 90-days!

If we do not hit a target, we will work for free until we do hit those targets.

AKA if we do not hit our mark, you will not pay a single dime until we do.
Do you implement any black hat tactics?

Red Rhino has not grown from a one-man wrecking crew, to Longmont's fastest-growing digital marketing agency, and into a national leader in the digital marketing space by doing black hat SEO.

We produce real, long-lasting results for our clients. We have never had a client receive a penalty from our SEO work.

If anything, we have had clients come to us that have had negative & black hat SEO done to them and we fixed the problem – saving their business from failure in the organic space.

What link-building techniques do you use to help with my ranking?

Here at Red Rhino, we know more than anyone that not all backlinks are created equal. In layman’s terms, 1 kickass link will beat 1000 low or mid-quality links every time. So, while most agencies and “SEO experts” will sell a “# of backlinks per month” package, we sell actual results that are backed by contracted ranking guarantees.

That means we don’t play arbitrary numbers games with our clients and we don’t focus on metrics that don’t move the needle (“# of backlinks / month”). Rather, we use industry best-practices to consistently gain placements on the most authoritative online resources within your niche.

We create high-quality, shareable content and leverage the value of the content to gain placements on some of the most powerful websites on the internet. The sole purpose of our off-page strategy is to generate long-lasting, powerful results that turn your website into a money-printing machine.

P.S. We NEVER use PBNs.

Does SEO really still work?

Anyone who says “SEO doesn’t work”, or “SEO is dead”, is simply someone that has been burned by partnering with an agency/expert that doesn’t know what the hell they are doing.

We encounter this situation all the time:

A client comes to us after getting robbed (literally) by cookie cutter “specialists”.

The client signs up for a month-on-month rolling agreement and then they are the ones who actually get rolled, because the “expert” (that only knows how to log into WordPress and update a meta title) just takes their money for a few months, produces shitty results, and then walks away without repercussion after the client wakes up to their bullshit.

Here at Red Rhino we work with advanced brands who have local, county, statewide, and even regional SEO campaigns. We rank our clients for the most competitive keywords in their industry time and time again, and our team of in-house SEO Specialists have decades of experience in ranking websites (we never outsource our SEO work).

We are technical SEO specialists, with the experience and know-how to rank on page one of Google. Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out our testimonials – we have more 5-star reviews than other “agencies” have clients….

How are SEO and Ads different?
In Ads (PPC or Pay Per Click) you join an auction, bidding against your direct competitors for each click. Typically, the average cost-per-click in Google Ads doubles every 7 years. In terms of click-through rate, PPC only catches around 5-20% of the clicks for any particular search.

In other words, if a keyword is searched 1000 times a month, people will only click on the PPC results 50-200 times, AND you’ll be paying more and more every year to get those clicks.

Organic Search (SEO), on the other hand, will get you 700-950 of those clicks from the same keyword, and once you’re ranking, you’ll typically stay ranking for years to come. The long-term savings of SEO vs. PPC is staggering. SEO is a must if you want your business to grow sustainably and succeed in the digital space.
Should my business use SEO?

Do you like customers finding you instead of your competitors? Then yes.

Do you want to take on as much market share as possible within your industry? Then yes.

Do you want to become a household name? Then yes.

Basically, do you like money? Then yes.

What makes Red Rhino the best choice for SEO Agency?
We are SEO pros.

We have helped local businesses in over 135 cities.

We are awesome (see above).

We know our shit (see above).
How many keywords do you optimize for?
Our strategies are curated to fit our client’s exact needs and resources. That means we will target as many keywords as are needed to move the needle and get your phone ringing off the hook. The number of keywords we target is based on our client‘s industry, their position within the niche, and their budget and goals.
How do you choose the correct search terms?

Our team of in-house SEO Specialists and Account Managers (that’s right, we never outsource our work) work closely with our clients to build keyword lists around what our clients want to focus on, what products/services have the highest profit margins, and what we see as the biggest opportunities for financial growth within the business.

Do you do ecommerce SEO?

We have turned small, family-owned eCommerce businesses (with big dreams) into multi-million dollar powerhouses with dozens of employees.

We also work with well-established national and global brands who are tired of dealing with amateur “SEO Specialists”, and are looking for a professional SEO agency that knows what it takes to hit quarterly and annual growth targets and cultivate profitable campaigns at a country-wide/international level.
Will I have to make changes to my website?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for SEO.

However, it is very likely that changes will have to be made to your website. “What changes?” you might ask. Well, that depends on your website and the CMS you’re using. Other factors that might trigger changes include site structure and coding.

Rest assured, the veteran team here at Red Rhino is extremely capable of working on your website.

We have worked on thousands of websites, built on everything from WordPress and Shopify to custom-coded CMS and hard-coded websites. We are not afraid to dive in, and work with our clients to achieve their goals so you’ll be with us every step of the way.

Can you help businesses recover from Google penalties?
We’re going to shoot ya straight – some penalties can be overcome, some cannot.

We have helped many clients overcome penalties, by aggressively managing their backlink profiles and saving them from negative SEO attacks. We have also helped many clients overcome hacked websites and shady on-page SEO practices.

That being said, there have been cases where a client arrived at our doors with serious domain issues, where their penalty was not addressed in a timely manner. In these instances, we can help restore your online presence with a new domain and website.
Do you outsource any of your work overseas?

We never outsource our work. We have a team of veteran SEO Specialists with many decades of industry experience.

How long does it take for you to rank a website?

This is where most “SEO Specialists” would start to say things like “we cannot make guarantees” and “it all depends on your budget and what your competitors are doing”. Not us. We like to give our clients certainty. This is why we guarantee page one Google rankings in 90-days.

The best part? If we do not hit a target in the time frame given, we will work for free until we do hit it.

What does an SEO agency do?
Our whole focus centers around increasing a client’s organic rankings in relevant search results by analyzing their industry and website to develop a suitable and effective SEO strategy that yields results. SEO can be broken down into three main categories on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.


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